zahoorsbWhat people of this already perturbed state of Jammu and Kashmir yearn for, every day, is the formation of the government at an earliest. Hardly anyone within the political spectrum across could be found who is not aware of the hardships faced by the general masses of the state in the past decades. With good governance and effective official machinery as a slogan, the political parties jumped into the election fray in the year 2014. Not only the floods but the aftermath as well had wreaked havoc. Political parties promised immediate relief and pledged before the voters that the state would be taken back on track.

      Less than 10 months had passed since the coalition of BJP and the PDP assumed office and the chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed passed away. His demise didn’t only left the state in chaos but also created a huge void that would be difficult to fill in the times to come. But the stalemate that was witnessed since the demise of the chief minister is turning out to be a worrisome entity. The state, which otherwise, was in the need of the democratically elected government is being run by the bureaucrats.

      The MLAs of Jammu Kashmir’s 87 assembly segments are powerless. The ministers are no longer the ministers. Common masses on ground, who had voted with the hope of witnessing their woes getting addressed and problems mitigated, have been left in lurch once again. The representatives which the people had chosen for themselves are nowhere. They have no powers to take the woes of their respective constituencies to the concerned quarters. With bone chilling winters already taking toll amid the scarcity of power, ration and other commodities, people wonder what destiny has in store for them. Need of an hour is the end of the deadlock and formation of the government at an earliest.

      At least the political powers are the helm of affairs must acknowledge the courage which the people exhibited while exercising their franchise despite threats looming large over 2014 polls. Their courage must be respected and their due rights be accorded sans any further delay.

Editor in Chief