Engineer Farooq Ahmad Khan, spending more than 18 years at different Indian jails was released last year ,when all the charges leveled against him proved fabricated and he was fictitiously framed in terror related incidents of Connaught Place, Jaipur etc., in a brief interview with Kashmir Leader he expressed his experiences and sufferings.


  Anantnag Bureau

khanK.Leader: Could you please define yourself?

Khan: I’m born and brought in an average family and studied bachelors in mechanical engineering from one of the reputed universities of India (Anna University) in 1986, after completing my studies I started work- ing with US based private firm up to 1989 and then joined state government department as junior engineer .

K.Leader: When you were arrested?

Khan: I was arrested in 1996 from Anantnag, by SOG and then taken to Delhi and was indicted for being affiliated with Islamic Front and framed for being involved in the bomb blasts of Lajpatnagar, Connaught Place, Samaipur Bali(Rajasthan) and Jaipur Stadium ,besides Samliti(Dosa), I spend 14 years in notorious jail of Tihar and 4 1⁄2 in Jaipur (Rajasthan) along with co- accused which include Abdul Gani Goni, Muham- mad Ali Bhat , Mirza Nissar, Latief Waja[all given life imprisonment in Jaipur blast) while as Dr. Ab. Hamid, Javaid Ahmad Khan, Raies Beigh and Muhammad Noushad given life imprisonment for Samliti blasts.

K.Leader: What you learnt, while you spent more than 18 years in Jail?

Khan: Experience and patience, which is a qualification in itself,besides learnt the lessons through introspection and retrospection. K.Leader:Have Kashmiris ever September 2016 2015

Kashmir Leader January got or get the opportunity to bargain on Kashmir , since last 27 years after the advent of militancy in Kashmir?

Khan: In think between yes and no, but it is and was up to leaders, who are or were at the helm of af- fairs.

K.Leader: When Hurriyat was raised,it was treated as esprit de corps, now, transformed into corps de ballet , do you agree?

Khan: No, still we have leaders of dynamism and in politico-engineer ing, we say whole is greater than its parts.

K.Leader: You as an engineer, what term you espouse for the resolution of Kashmir ?

Khan: Solution of Kashmir lies in nonzero-sum game rather than zero-sum, positions always lead to unresolved conflicts, I must say that unscheduled visit of Narrendra Modi to Pakistan is a positive sign, South Asia has a bright prospect, if all the issues in South Asian coun- tries are resolved through negotia- ble settlements— to which Kashmir stands of top of the agenda— I be- lieve that the peace in South Asia starts from Kashmir and ends in Afghanistan .

K.Leader: There are people in Jammu Kashmir, who want that Kashmir ,on either side of LoC, should be part of Pakistan and at the same time there are people who want that Kashmir, on either side of LoC, should be part of India, but what about the third option which has more supporters and even got reflected in two or three surveys, how do you take it?

Khan: If will of the people is independence, it is a welcome sign and means that people are not with India, mathematically mean of 2 is between the two, essentially, not what it is.

K.Leader: Suppose, if pressure mounts upon India and Pakistan to delist all the UN resolutions in UNSC supported by other world powers, at that time what will be your position ?

Khan: We ask for Right to Self- determination(RSD)treasured in UN Charter of Chapter 1, Article I clause 2,3 , which cannot be changed at any cost.

K.Leader: You are with Demo- cratic Freedom Party , headed by Shabir Shah, how do you rate your leader?

Khan: Let me correct you, Shabir Shah is a mass leader and my boss in terms of organizational hierarchy, Shah possesses the Dynamism, Charisma and dedication.

K.Leader: Will you fight back for the government job as nothing has proved against you?

Khan: I sacrifice my career to the brave-heart youth of Kashmir , which is our future and ray of hope

K.Leader: Any message for the people, especially resistance leaders!

Khan: First understand yourself, before you are understood by others.