jkdManaging Director Jammu and Kashmir Coop Supply and Marketing Federation Ltd (JAKFED), Bilal Ah mad Bhat has said that the revival of the federation is the need of the hour and that the domestic assets to be uti- lised to yield the desired results by making them operational once again. Talking to Kashmir Leader Magazine, Bhat said that there are various assets of the federation which are at present lying defunct. He added that the need of the hour is to put them in motion so that same could yield the best possible results. Bhat said that the federation has in house property at Govindsar, Katua which has the capacity to stone 10,000 Mtr. Tones of food grains.

        “This project after up-gradation will be taken over by the food corporation of India and same is expected to generate the revenue of ruppes 4 lakh for the fed- eration,” Bhat said. He maintained further that the JAKFED is also striving to create em- ployment opportunities for the jobless youth of the Jammu and Kashmir so that the crises which are at present taking toll could be ended somehow. MD JAKFED stated that there sis another project in the offing at Ashajipora Anantnag wherein Integrated Control Atmosphere Cold Store shall be established. “The site is is a closer vicinity to the existing fruit mandi of Ashaji pora. After getting the approval, we will go for Private Public Partner- ship which will generate employment for the youth of the state,” Bhat said.

         He added that various projects are in the pipeline which will be executed in the coming time. Bhat said that there are efforts being made from all sides to make JAKFED more functional and result oriented. Bhat said that there is a proposal for the purchase of three heavy vehicles for LPG. “Since JAKFED is running LPG agencies at Jammu, Srinagar, Katra and RS pora, it is proposed to go for the purchase of three heavy vehicles which in- clude trucks and other vehicles,” he said. MD JAKFED added that the proposal has been made so that the supply lines of the federation will be streamlined. JAKFED would also be in a position to earn margin on account of freight charges.

       “If the proposal is matured and considered in its totality then it will be a result oriented one,” Bhat said. He maintained that in view of the fact that Ladakh region of the state is unique climatic region for producing appricots of high quality grade and organic vegetables, the proposal is mooted for setting up a vegetable de- hydration unit and processing of apricots and C-bak thorn, a medical herb.