The Fall of Qazi Yasir

After a video in which Yasir was seen indulging in obscene act with a woman, he was removed as Mirwaiz of South Kashmir and faces social boycott

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File pic of Qazi Yasir.

File pic of Qazi Yasir.

A video showing South Kashmir’s former Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmad Yasir indulging in an obscene act with a woman is a latest to hit the separatist leader who has remained in news for wrong reason for some time now.

On 11 October, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir, performing obscene act with a girl during an online video chat, went viral. Video that was widely circulated in South Kashmir despite ban on mobile internet shows him performing obscene acts and masturbating during a video chat with an unknown female. Jammu based newspaper, which exposed the separatist leader first on o9 October and published a detailed report regarding obscene pictures and then about obscene videos, claimed that Qazi Yasir, befriended a local girl during 2016 agitation. “Friendship changed into extra marital affair with her,” claimed Early Times newspaper in its report. During the agitation the separatist leader often used to visit the house of the girl but then this year suddenly started avoiding and ignoring the girl. Qazi Yasir’s attitude irritated and frustrated the girl following which she approached a Kashmiri businessman based in Kerla and after some time to a youth activist of Bandipora. Kashmiri businessman on the instance of girl started negotiating with Qazi Yasir. A number of audio recordings, shared by Kashmiri businessman on social media networking site Facebook establishes the fact that Qazi Yasir was in relationship with the girl. Qazi Yasir even himself authenticates the authenticity of the video by admitting to have committed the obscene act. The leader, in an audio clip, which is in possession of Early Times, admits to have committed the act. “I can’t repeat something that I have repented,” he tells the mediator who suggests him to meet the girl and ‘pacify’ her. “Mediators (businessman) kept asking leader to negotiate with the girl otherwise she will make the videos public “reveals these audios. “Nikah (marriage) was the only demand of girl,” Kashmiri businessman Fahim Jan Mir said in a live Facebook post.

Qazi family responded.

On 11 October, Qazi Yasir’s younger brother Qazi Shubli addressed a press conference at his home and claimed that Jammu based newspaper was doing a false propaganda against Mirviaz South Kashmir. “A Jammu based newspaper has published a story based on propaganda, which they have done in past also, accusing Mirwaiz South Kashmir Qazi Ahmed Yasir for obscenity by quoting some unknown sources and some video clip.”  “This is yet another attempt by pro-Indian people in Kashmir and the establishment to discredit the role of Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir and his family legacy in the freedom struggle and socio-religious work.” Shubli also said that they have registered a complaint against the newspaper and some social media users at Police station Anantnag but later on confirming from police they haven’t actually filled any complaint. Jammu based newspaper responded by uploading the obscene video on its official channel on the same day in late evening hours and by publishing one more story on 12th of Octobe. On the morning of 12 October, video that was extensively shared on social media sites by netizens compelled the Idara Tehkeeqat-i-Islami (Islamic Research Foundation) to remove Qazi Ahmad Yasir as its head preacher (Mirwaiz south Kashmir). The decision to remove Yasir as head preacher was announced by his maternal grandfather and patron of the seminary (institute) Alhaj Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah in a video released on social media. “We feel ashamed of the allegations that have come forward. So, keeping in view the aspirations of people, we are removing him (Yasir) from the post of Mirwaiz (south Kashmir),” Abdullah announced. He however said “if at all these allegations are proved right”, then his family has no association with him. “Idara-i-Tehkeeqat will run the affairs of the Jamia Masjid as many ulema (religious scholars) are there,” Abdullah said in the video. While this all was happening, Qazi Yasir was under detention in Anantnag Police Station. Some unknown people also circulated a video that showed a female saying that the obscene video of Qazi Yasir was fake and morphed. “I know who is doing this and who are behind all this. I will expose them,” she threatened but till today she didn’t.

Separatist leaders, clerics are silent, but why?

Separatist Leader Qazi Yasir’s obscene video has completely exposed the double standards of separatist leaders and kashmiri clerics. Top separatists didn’t issue any statement or condemned Qazi Yasir’s obscene act. The leaders, who waste no time in reacting to issues, be it related to Kashmir issue or society, preferred to remain silent on the issue. The issue also exposed fault line in our clergy. Kashmiri Muftis, scholars, preachers and religious seminaries have come under the scanner of public. No fatwa was issued against Qazi Ahmad Yasir and No probe by the religious leaders and organization was initiated against Qazi Yasir who can be seen masturbating with an unknown female during a video chat. “Sadly our political, social and especially religious leaders haven’t yet reacted over the issue. it’s distressing because not responding to such developments isn’t good as it implies that our leaders are conveying us to hide the misdeeds of all those people who claim to have direct or indirect association with movement (separatist movement),” a senior citizen from Anantnag said, however wished anonymity. Civil society and trade unions, who love to share tables with politicians and bureaucrats, too maintained doubtful silence. These leaders always prefer to gain personnel benefits but never address the concerns of society. Same religious oraginzations, leaders, civil society and trade unions supported Qazi Yasir when he led an agitation against Anantnag businessman in year 2010 for almost same reasons. Important to mention, In 2010, Qazi Yasir with the support of some separatists led an agitation against a businessman of Anantnag town after an old photograph showing businessman with his girlfriend appeared. Businessman was compelled to leave the town in the middle of night. Similarly, in 2009, he also led an agitation against a wealthy businessman of the town in Anantnag. This time also businessman was accused of illegal trafficking of girls. Businessmen, in these cases not only were not only defamed but they also suffered huge financial losses.

Who is Qazi Yasir

Qazi Ahmed Yasir is a Kashmiri cleric and was Mirwaiz of Southern Kashmir. He was also heading Islamic Research Institute (IRI) founded by his father late Qazi Nisar. Yasir was born in 1984, in south Kashmir’s township, Anantnag, and pursued his primary education there in a local school Hanfiya High School. After his father, Dr. Qazi Nisar was killed in 1994, he was titled as the head preacher of south Kashmir by Mufti Rasheed, the head Mufti of South Kashmir. He went to Al Jamiat Ul Ashrafiya to receive Islamic education and stayed there for six years. He moved to Aligarh Muslim University, where he completed his graduation in Islamic Studies and also received his master’s degree in Islamic studies. Yasir returned to Kashmir Valley in 2006, and in April 2007, he led a hunger strike against a wine shop in the district that had been opened near two educational institutes. The wine shop was shut down after four days of the hunger strike. In 2008, he led the agitation in southern Kashmir against SASB over land transfer issue.  In 2009 he led an agitation against a sex scandal and alleged that people involved in the scam were backed by state and law enforcement agencies. In the summer of 2010, the valley again saw an uprising and Yasir as the lone leader in this southern town.  Qazi Yasir was arrested many times and lodged in jail for his involvement in anti-state activities. Qazi Yasir was also spokesperson of Mutahida Ulema i Ahli Sunnat, an amalgam of 47 religious organizations of the state, however the amalgam has now removed him and his origination Ummat-e-Islami but didn’t order any probe into the issue. Yasir was booked under PSA and is currently lodged in Hiranagar Jail Jammu. But, did Qazi “pleaded” for his detention under PSA?

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