Truth has always been victim of vested interests who have always played with its philosophy and manipulated with the situations. The concept of truth is always defined on the lines of narrating the factual position but in a conflict situation the facts are so complex and intricate that the hypocrites and opportunists always turn and manipulate the contours of the very fact in such a way that original script is lost. And hence the actual narration becomes the causality. Whether we take modern history for analysis or ancient one, posterity has always been deprived of the original script. World has always seen wars and majority of the time periods, history has witnessed the conflicts that is why most of the times history has seen the truth becoming the causality. Whether we take Kashmir or any other place world is currently undergoing through a tirade of misinformation that mars the actual narrative by making it a subject matter of controversy. We have seen how Zionists manipulated the world war and even its narrative was changed by them. Consequently the world believes in holocaust. We have also seen the planned propaganda by west with regard to clash of civilizations and how they succeeded in neutralizing the potential threats. Truth has always been there and crying for its publication, but alas! The stage-managers never allowed it to come on the horizon.

              In the light of Islamic history if we analyze most of the conflicts are yet to be decided and even one of the horror-full event in the womb of Islamic History is Karbala which is still point of debate in most of the circles since a long time. Isn’t it the best illustration of the confusion and its narrations being asphyxiated? Kashmir conflict which confronts the populace of more than eight million people with its political nudity and dance of death has been inherited by the people with either half baked truth or mendacity. It is yet unclear to Kashmiri people what the nature of the conflict is and whether it is religious or political one or whether Kashmir is an occupation or outcome of treacherous betrayal by the friends of the leaders of particular time. Kashmir was under the rule of British India and was handed over to Maharaja through the treaty of Amritsar. The very first Article of the treaty reads as: “The British government transfers and makes over for ever in independent possession to Maharajah Gulab Singh and the heirs male of his body all the hilly or mountainous country with its dependencies situated to the eastward of the River Indus and the westward of the River Ravi including Chamba and excluding Lahol, being part of the territories ceded to the British government by the Lahore state according to the provisions of Article IV of the Treaty of Lahore, dated 9 March 1846.”

Whether we take Kashmir or any other place world is currently undergoing through a tirade of misinformation that mars the actual narrative by making it a subject matter of controversy.

               But how Maharaja Hari Singh, violating the Article 1 of Amritsar Treaty, came into power was never debated. Whether any agreement between any country and Hari Singh was legally valid…? Why did Pakistani establishment of that time entered into a standstill agreement with the illegally placed Maharaja? Whether Maharaja has executed any accession with India is also debatable issue, and what will be the fate of the accession after the Indian Independence Act 1935 and constituent Assembly of India, has also never been debated. In nutshell the Kashmir has been made an enigma which is not even understood by the natives. Because of the complexity of the issue and legal paradigms even leaders of the land find it easy to convert it into a religious issue simply to avoid intellectual embarrassment. The facts about Kashmir have been deliberately manipulated so that not only the people of Kashmir are confused but also the leadership is deprived of the understanding of the conflict. As the conflict is so complex, that even international players are perplexed.

             The leadership since 1947 has always played part of opportunists. Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah despite being a nationalist initially landed in the lap of Indian system after compromising all the contributions of his person and comrades. It was only secular but intellectually rich Sardar Ibrahim Khan of Rawalakot who could understand the politics and thereafter grabbed the opportunity for his people. The current political crisis and conflict is even more complex and intricate as we are yet to have its understanding. The leadership is so confused that they are yet to draw a line whether Kashmir is a political issue or a part of pan Islamic agenda. Our leadership has also no understanding of the new nuances and the historical background. If someone raises some questions, the same person is made causality by branding him either as atheist or an agent. Ultimately truth becomes causality. Is it crime to ask the leadership, if they are holding the joint programs, why they are not united on all issues on a single platform? Why can’t we ask them that if you fight against Indian system what is the modus operandi? Will strikes lead you to the liberation? Why can’t we ask them what you have been doing since last six months if not for last three decades? The truth is that we lost everything, we lost economy, social security and health – those who lost kith and kin, and those who lost eyes and education are worst sufferers.

             Above all we lost the political opportunity for which these sacrifices were rendered. Honestly, I didn’t know what we gained through this movement. It seems that only Indian arrogance and their political design to exhaust Kashmiri people has literally won. How sensible it is to think that strikes and calendars would liberate Kashmir? Population is asset to leadership and their security has to be prime concern, but for Kashmiri leadership population is “expandable pawn”. Leadership must direct the revolt but ours is the first movement where the claimants of leadership were just followers. The only thing that can be seen as success was that Kashmir got united. Despite so much bloodbath that Kashmiri streets saw our leadership is busy in the battle of succession that too on the pattern of monarchy. Now the whole nation is made to believe that leadership has achieved a lot by this “political misadventure”. Finally, the observation can be drawn that leadership is trying to portray itself as united but under public pressure… Indian rigidity and its leadership’s failure has pushed Kashmir youth to violence. The possible future course and polity will be based on new contours but subject to hurdles created by existing political mafia. The current concern to be worked on is rehabilitation of victims of oppression sadistic leadership. The leadership that proudly talks about sacrifices given by the youth belonging to poor families hasn’t till date even thought of their rehabilitation!